Everybody Dance To Be Announced At Sony’s E3 Conference

With Just Dance one of the highest selling third party games on the Wii, and Dance Central Kinect’s biggest title, it’s clear that dance games are huge among casual gamers. Recent trademark filings and website listings point towards Sony jumping on the dance bandwagon, with a new title called Everybody Dance.

Magic Pixel Games previously revealed that they would launch their first game this holiday season, with internet snoop Supererogatory claiming it would be Everybody Dance. SCEA have now trademarked the name, adding to speculation that the game will be revealed later today at E3, presumably for the PlayStation Move.

Mark Tsai, President of Magic Pixel Games, said about the company:

This company was formed because the team has developed a unique chemistry and talent for building engaging gameplay, capitalizing on the strength of any given game platform – motion control or otherwise.

With our first title launching this holiday season, we look forward to new challenges and partnerships that allow us to continue finding the fun in everything we do and every product we make.

Are you looking forward to a new dance title, or is another God of War more for you?