Modern Warfare 3 Dual Scopes Revealed

Although Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling has made mention of the addition of dual scopes in the past, we’ve yet to see any footage showing off the long-awaited feature for Modern Warfare 3 in action. Well, that has just changed.

Making it’s gameplay debut on GTTV today, Modern Warfare 3 is leaving many gamers standing in awe. Aside from all the action and what appears to be an unsurprisingly silky smooth frame-rate, came the use of dual scopes. Based on the trailer, players will be able to combine any of the game’s available scope options. The initial video showed a rifle mounted with not only a holographic sight, but an ACOG scope as well.

While the holographic sight was used for the rifle’s main sight, the player was able to flip the ACOG scope back-and-forth at will for some extra zoom when needed. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not this feature will find its way into the online arena, but most of us can assume that it’ll be there.

We’ll be sure to get this debut gameplay trailer up as soon as possible, along with any further details surrounding Modern Warfare 3. For all the latest E3 news and updates, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!