You’ll Flip For Inversion’s E3 Screens

Developer Saber Interactive and stateside publisher Namco Bandai’s third-person shooter Inversion encourages players to think outside the box — or rather, outside the bounds of gravity. In development for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, players of Inversion will attempt to fight off an alien invasion as one Davis Russell and possess the ability to defy the laws of gravity in order to achieve their goals. Sir Issac Newton would probably review this game as a 1/10.

Namco Bandai has delivered some brand new screenshots to coincide with the Electronic Entertainment Expo, of which you’ve surely been enjoying the coverage. Here are the new screens:

The game is presently projected to be released in North America on Feb. 7 of next year. Not long ago, PlayStation LifeStyle also posted a trailer of the game. Be sure to check out Cameron Teague’s official E3 impression of the game, as our continuing coverage rolls on all week long.