NCAA Football 12 – E3 Preview

Along with the yearly release of the Madden franchise, college football fans around the world anxiously await the ability to get their hands on the NCAA Football franchise to play one of their favorite sports. EA Sports has once again upped the ante by adding on countless features, along with fixing several issues that were found NCAA Football 11, to provide a seamless experience in NCAA Football 12.

Many upgrades have been implemented in the game that will be noticed immediately while playing. In NCAA Football 11, it seemed as if players would often “glide” to the ball while on defense, and it didn’t seem fluid the entire time. They now have implemented many different tackling variations, so when using the tackle button, the defensive player will make adjustments according to where the ball carrier is. Meaning that if they are close to your defensive player then they will break down and attempt to wrap them up with a tackler, rather than simply dive at them. This adds to the realism allowing for the correct tackles given the location of the ball carrier.

Dynasty fans will be happy to see what changes are in this year’s title. Custom conferences may be done at any time, and rather than having to trade teams in exchange, you can simply move the teams as you want. This will allow you to move teams as you see fit. Another great addition is the fact that you can have accurate representations of coaches if you choose to, this includes customizing their correct offensive and defensive philosophies. Those that also want to only do coaching mode will be find themselves in Dynasty Mode as well, this is for the ones that don’t want to run the plays whatsoever, and would rather just call the plays. Also, you can focus on your coach’s career as well, and start out as a simple coordinator and focus on your specific area of expertise. Depending on your performance, you will then receive job offers at the end of the season, including upgrading to a head coaching position if you happen to be good enough.

One other modification that has been made is that the defensive backs and linebackers now actually cover the ways that they should when dropping back in coverage. No longer does a deep post/corner route always leave a pocket open. Yes it will occasionally be open for the offense, but there were specific routes that seemed to be open on many of the defenses that were presented, but this may have also attributed to the “gliding” mentioned earlier.

The Road to Glory mode will be making a return, but EA Sports said that more things will be announced at a later date. Though they did say it has been completely overhauled.

The environment has also been overhauled as well to represent actual traditions and the history of the school. So if you are a fan of the University of Texas, then the entrances and environments will be accurate according to school traditions. This is once again another thing that adds to the realism of the game.

This year’s version of NCAA Football 12 looks to offer the great gameplay that last year’s version had, but improve upon it in every way.