Sega Gives Birth to New Development Studio; “Totally Original” Vita Game in The Works

Sega Europe has brought out the moving trucks and have opened a new studio in the UK. According to the publisher, this new group will focus primarily on next generation platforms, including the newly announced PlayStation Vita and Wii U. This new studio has come from the firm’s Technology Group team, which is in charge of prototyping new ideas for Sega.

Gary Dunn, Senior Vice President of Production had this to say about the new studio:

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of opening another studio at Sega, particularly one co-located with our Technology Group.

We have seen some great and truly innovative prototypes coming out of the designers, artists and tech staff that from our Technology Group, and we fully intend to keep innovation at the heart of the new studio by keeping close links with the Technology Group who will ensure that this happens.

One of the first games this new studio will be working on is an action-adventure game for the PlayStation Vita that is set to release late 2012. Dunn confirmed that as of now it is Vita only and that the title is in pre-production.

It’s not a racing game, I can tell you that. It’s being developed on PlayStation Vita – but whether that’s it’s only platform will remain to be seen.

What really impressed us was the way it uses the Vita’s feature set – I genuinely couldn’t put it into a current genre because of the way it uses all them. It’s totally original.

Sega is hoping to build a team of 15 to work on the new title so if you are a talented game developer and you need a job, head over to the Sega UK website and put your name into the hat. We will keep you in the loop as more information comes available and we cannot wait to see what Vita game they have up their sleeves – although we might have to wait until next year’s E3.