Skyrim Story Gets Radiant, Box Keeps It Simple

When The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion launched five years ago, “Radiant AI” was one of its most highly touted steps forward. This mechanism impacted the lives of NPCs and how they’d react to what was going on, particularly the player’s actions. Despite the moves forward, attention was mainly drawn towards how many of the same voices were heard and how many copy-paste personalities the world now had. With the next Elder Scrolls, the developers are looking to take the next step with the Radiant AI, and go on to create a whole “Radiant Story.”

Bethesda Softworks is gunning to make the entire world as lifelike and ever-changing as possible, with story paths and quest possibilities opening and closing depending on what the player does and when. The same domino effect that would realistically be made by a character in our world is said to also be in that of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In other Skyrim news, the game’s official box art has been released. Keeping in line with those before it, the design keeps things simple and sweet:

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