Dyad Announced Exclusively For PSN

Don’t you love that word, exclusive? Something just automatically sounds cool about it, and having the focus of a developer working on one platform generally benefits the game with smoother, less buggy gameplay. Luckily for us, the PSN is chock full of them, and another named Dyad is joining the ranks too.

Announced via the PSBlog, Dyad is seems to be incredibly unique, and is described by the developer, ][, as a “warp speed abstract racing game being developed for the PlayStation 3.” Psychedelic color patterns rippling throughout the screen produce a beautiful and initially confusing race track, which takes on a special shape. Players race down an infinite tube, which is filled with enemies who act as obstacles, as well as a player’s source of speed. Players may hook onto an enemy to boost their speed, graze by one to gain energy, or turn themselves into a super fast lance kill off opponents. Other interactions will be available as well, and learning to combo these maneuvers together through quick decision making will be the key to victory.

Watching that made my head spin a little, but probably nowhere near as much as The Machine that designer Shawn McGrath has created to go along with the game. As you can see in the video, right before getting ill from motion sickness, players rotate their racer around the outsides of the tube. The Machine has been designed to seat an occupant and move them around their own tube as they play Dyad. It’s a crazy concept, but it could make for one hell of an arcade machine. For the moment though, the unique gameplay of Dyad is only planned to appear on PSN, and no release date has been set, since Shawn McGrath is “primarily concerned with making sure the game is as good as I can make it.” That sounds good to me. For more information, check out Dyad‘s website, as well as the crazy contraption designed to go with it. We’ll be sure to let you know as we hear more about Dyad when ][ is ready to update us.