Dungeon Siege III Combat Montage Graces Launch Trailer

Dungeon Siege III just launched across every major continent this week. Its release had significance because for the most part, dungeon crawlers have faded away over the past few years, but Obsidian Entertainment saw that as more of an incentive than a deterrent. Now that games have evolved in tremendous fashion, and hardware is much more powerful, the nearly decade-old series has had quite a facelift. Combat is one of its greatest strengths and is much more streamlined than in the past, with lots of action and some great animations to make it flow seamlessly. If you’ve played one of the previous titles, and are curious about what improvements the team at Obsidian have made, then the latest trailer is for you.

The launch trailer for Dungeon Siege III is available below:

Our full written review for Dungeon Siege III is published, so if you feel like revisiting the dungeon crawler genre, definitely give our review a look over before you make a decision. There’s also a demo on the PlayStation Store if you are stuck on the fence.