First Screenshots of Rainbow Moon Released

A new role-playing game will be hitting the PlayStation Network later this year in the form of Rainbow Moon, developed by SideQuest Studios and Eastasiasoft, the developer of the PlayStation Network hits Soldner-X and Soldner X-2. The very first 23 screenshots have now been released for the title, showcasing what we can expect to appear in the game.

From the screens we can see that this is a kiddie looking RPG with colorful locations. In fact, this game looks very similar to many free-to-play MMO’s on the PC right now, but that’s not a bad thing. The game has multiple locations like snowy towns, desert locations and, of course, dungeons. While we do see bad guys in the screens, it is unfortunate to see nothing on combat but hopefully that will come in the next batch.

Rainbow Moon is currently set for Q4 2011 on the PlayStation Network and we will keep you in the loop as more information comes out.