Square Enix Teases Everyone with Three Final Fantasy XIII-2 Images

Square Enix has let loose two screenshots and a new piece of artwork for their upcoming multiplatform RPG, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Even though new gameplay screenshots have been released, the company did not release any info with the images. Sadly, we’re just left to wonder what exactly is going on in the battle screen and prognosticate (incorrectly, no doubt) as to the identity of the monster.

Here are the images:

This certainly isn’t much on its own, but when you add it to the E3 trailer below, it’s clear there’s actual work being done.


Of course, only time will tell how much of the Final Fantasy fanbase will be pleased with this offering, after several consecutive polarizing titles. E3 2011 didn’t exactly help, as the game was voted as one of the most disappointing games at the show by several staff members.

As happened with Final Fantasy XIII before it, a lot of series fans are getting impatient with the long wait attached to Final Fantasy Versus XIII. One need not spend much time browsing comments around the internet before stumbling upon words like “vaporware” and phrases such as “development hell” in association with this title. Ironically, however, the XIII-2 team seems to be making visible progress, and the title is currently expected to launch on both Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.