Saints Row 3 Makes GTA Look Tame

We all know that Saints Row is basically a knock off of Grand Theft Auto, but that doesn’t mean the developers can’t inject their own ideas into the formula, giving us something still fresh and fun, right?

Saint’s Row: The Third intends to be “the most ridiculous, the most over the top” game, and after seeing the following trailer, there’s very little doubt that Volition means business in making that claim. Bringing players to the new city of Steel Port, the video shows off open world gameplay, where we can free roam and say hello to the good citizens of the area. Saying hello might involve bashing them in the gut with a giant wriggling purple dildo, or leap frogging over them only to turn around and deck them in the face. While beating on the populace with phallic weaponry is nice, vehicles can be even nicer. A tank mayhem mode is shown off, in which causing as much destruction as possible results in monetary rewards. That’s not all though, since one can play around in a fighter jet, or a special cannon mounted vehicle that vacuums citizens up right off the sidewalk. Afterward, players can launch them back out to catapult them across the city, and then jump in and launch themselves.




That’s pure zaniness. If that’s not over the top, I don’t know what is, and Volition sure isn’t pulling any punches here. This very preview demo was shown behind closed doors at E3, but the second half is missing here, in which a preview mission of a bank robbery was shown. Drew Holmes promises more material to be released as we approach the Nov. 15 release date, so don’t be surprised if the next video is of that very mission. In it, the Saints try to hijack a bank vault by airlifting it out with a helicopter. Saints Row: The Third appears to have a lot of fun and crazy ridiculousness in store for us, so we’ll let you know as soon as there’s more to see.