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IO Interactive is Definitely Interested in Freedom Fighters Sequel

Hitman developer IO Interactive may be hard at work on the upcoming Hitman: Absolution game but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other series; like the fan favorite and highly overlooked Freedom Fighters.

A fan asked IO Interactive on their twitter about this very subject, asking:

Is there ever a chance there will be a sequel to Freedom Fighters[?] That was an awesome game.

IO then responded saying:

It’s definitely something a lot of us are interested in doing. But right now, the focus is on Hitman: Absolution.

For those who never got the chance to pick up the original, gamers played as an underground resistance group in New York, fighting against an invading Soviet force. Performing great deeds would affect your charisma and bring new fighters to your side.

We hope that after they put everything they have into Hitman: Absolution, that IO Interactive takes a hard look at a sequel for Freedom Fighters.