Robust Vita Specs Offer MMO Potential, Final Fantasy XI Emanates

The PlayStation Vita was perhaps the biggest surprise at this year’s E3, not only because of its affordability at only $249.99, but primarily because of what consumers will get for said price. It goes without saying that the specs and features are impressive, and while graphics vs gameplay has been an ongoing debate, better hardware doesn’t just translate into improved visuals. In the case of Square Enix, it opens up a realm of never before seen possibilities.

In Famitsu’s latest issue, Square Enix Producer Hiromichi Tanaka spoke of the Final Fantasy XI, saying that the company is looking into bringing the MMORPG to Vita. While its existence is merely limited to corporate discussion at this point, all it takes is for the guys up top to pull the trigger for such an exciting product to become a reality.

The concept of an MMO on a handheld isn’t a new idea, but we’ve never before seen such a complex and massive title from the genre make it to the portable scene. Final Fantasy XI is an absolutely huge experience that has grown tremendously in size over its nine-year existence. Unlike many other MMOs, its gameplay is very controller friendly too, and perhaps the biggest limitation is the storage space it requires, which after many expansions exceeds the 16 gigabyte realm. Sony Online Entertainment previously said that the Vita was the “perfect machine” for MMOs.

PlayStation Vita currently doesn’t have a release date nailed down, but should be out before Christmas this year. As its release approaches, we expect to see more big ideas appear.