Street Fighter X Tekken Character Teased For Comic Con Reveal

Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter X Tekken Producer, previously promised fans that Capcom would show something to do with the game at Comic-Con. Well, with the show less than a week away, attendees have been given an idea of what to expect.

Capcom has released the 6th Teaser trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken. Given the proximity to Comic-Con, it makes sense for a new fighter to be revealed at the show. Although it’s hard to tell who it is, fans in various forums are split down the middle. A larger number of fans believe it is none other than Steve Fox of Tekken 4 fame. Given that Balrog is almost a lock, this would give him a perfect nemesis as they both are Boxers—albeit with very different styles. No concrete evidence is shown, but the puzzle pieces certainly fit together nicely.


So who do you think it is? Share you comments after watching the trailer below.