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PSP Can’t Solve Puzzle Quest II

Steve Fawkner, President and CEO of Infinite Interactive, has revealed on his Facebook page that the PSP version of Puzzle Quest II has been cancelled.

The process of porting the game to the PSP wasn’t going smoothly and there was one singular sound glitch he couldn’t fix. This glitch was apparently big enough to halt the entire project.

His letter reads:

Hello Everyone.

It’s my sad duty today to announce that we won’t be able to bring you Puzzle Quest II on PSP, as we had hoped & promised. After Firemint’s acquisition of Infinite, and EA’s acquisition of Firemint, so many people have moved around, that I find myself without enough manpower to finish it, and just not enough time to learn the PSP Dev technology and finish it myself.

I DEEPLY apologize to those of you who were waiting for it – it literally had ONE sound bug remaining to be fixed, and it would have been good to go. I won’t give up hope entirely, but at the moment, in all honesty, it is unlikely to happen.

I would also like to point out that it was nothing to do with EA and/or Firemint that it has been cancelled – they have been excellent in giving me enough time and freedom to get it done… this is just a very unfortunate logistical problem where key people are no longer available to work on it.

I hope to see you all for another Puzzle Quest game in the future… this time on ALL platforms.

Take Care,

Steve Fawkner

The hybrid of RPG and Bejeweled known as Puzzle Quest II became available on Xbox 360, Windows Mobile, PC, and Nintendo DS last year.