Soul Calibur V Screens Enter the Arena

Soul Calibur V has been steadily trickling information to the public since its initial announcement, and a set of new screens grants us more to talk about thanks to Namco Bandai, who releasing them at their San Diego Comic Con booth.

So far it has been revealed that at least four new characters will be joining the roster in Soul Calibur V, including Sophitia’s son and daughter, Patroklos and Pyrrha respectively, whom the game’s story line will apparently focus on. We’ve also heard that a female ninja character named Natsu will be appearing, utilizing skills learned while under the tutelage of Taki. The fourth character revealed is Zwei, who uses a sword with three handles. It appears that the latter two new characters can be seen in the following screens, with some concept art included too.

So far the game is looking great, even if Zwei looks like he’s seen Twilight a few too many times. Take note of the new level which appears to be completely enclosed, probably preventing any ring outs. Soul Calibur V‘s roster size has already revealed to include at least 26 characters, but with four new characters and four returning characters confirmed, it’s still hard to tell how many more new entries we can expect. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping tabs on any more reveals and screen shots of new Soul Calibur combatants.