PSN Store Comes to Brazil With 200 Pieces of Launch Content

While most of the gaming world was outraged and saddened when the PlayStation Store was brought offline for over a month due to the network’s unfortunate hack, it is easy to forget that there are still plenty of countries that have never had access to the online retailer. Luckily, that number has just dropped by one, with the store having finally released in Brazil.

Having already come to Mexico, the Brazilian expansion marks the second Latin American country that can access the digital distribution platform.

The launch includes 200 pieces of content that was chosen “specifically with the Brazilian gamer in mind”, and will see regular weekly updates from August 2nd. Sony has also extended their Welcome Back program to PSN users in the country, so that Brazilian PSN users will have until August 21 to download their two free PS3 and PSP games from a limited selection.

In addition to the marketplace’s launch, Sony have also launched a region specific PlayStation Blog and website.