Kojima Productions Confirms Death Stranding’s Timed PS4 Exclusivity, PC Launch Coming in 2020

Hideo Kojima’s latest game isn’t a PS4 exclusive. As many have long suspected, Death Stranding will launch on PC. If everything lines up as planned, the Norman Reedus-starring title will hit the platform sometime early in the summer of 2020. At the time of writing, Kojima Productions has yet to announce a specific date.

The studio revealed the news on its official Twitter page, seemingly out of the blue. See the post linked below:

In a tweet of its own, 505 Games announced it will publish the PC version of Death Stranding. Not much else is known about the deal in particular. However, the post from 505 indicates more information will surface in the coming months.

Finer details of Death Stranding’s PS4 exclusivity have had a big question mark hanging over them for quite some time. According to PC Gamer, a PC version of the project was mentioned as far back as Kojima’s announcement that he’d teamed up with Sony. Since then, information on that front has been vague at best. Rumors of a PC version hit the web this past May, then circulated once more just a couple of months ago.

The most recent speculation about Death Stranding’s PS4 exclusivity picked up following a listing change on an official Sony website. At the end of May, the Kojima Productions title had a secure place on the PlayStation Australia site. By early August the game’s listing had vanished.

Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 in just a handful of days on November 8th. Publisher Titan Books plans to release a hardcover art book a few days after on November 12th.

[Source: Kojima Productions, 505 Games on Twitter]