Death Stranding PS4 Exclusivity Called Into Question Again After an Official Listing Change

Following Death Stranding’s release date reveal, the title’s PlayStation 4 exclusivity was called into question. In addition, the box art unveiling from a few weeks ago didn’t feature the “Only on PlayStation” tag, which typically marks PS4 exclusives. Now this very topic has been broached once again. This time, the question of exclusivity arises out of a page on the PlayStation Australia website, where each PS4 exclusive receives a listing. Though Death Stranding once took up real estate on the webpage, the upcoming Kojima title is currently no longer present.

ResetEra user Vestan took note of this, and did a little digging. Apparently, according to the Wayback Machine, Death Stranding was listed by name on the PlayStation Australia website as of May 26, 2019. The title’s listing was still in place on May 31st, even. As noted previously, Kojima’s latest is not present there now.

Could this merely represent an error? Possibly. Yet, these signs–the box art’s lack of a “Only on PlayStation” tag and the Playstation AU listing–seem to suggest the game may only be exclusive to PS4 as far as consoles are concerned. When taking this into consideration, an eventual PC release may not be too farfetched. Especially since it had been rumored and discussed for other platforms too. Also, we had heard mention about it Sony’s and Kojima’s continuous avoidance of the topic only serves to add fuel to the fire.

It’s presently unclear as to when this will be addressed. At least there’s new Death Stranding content to look forward to in the near future. On August 19th, Kojima will attend Gamescom: Opening Night Live, a gamescom 2019 pre-show hosted by Geoff Keighley. According to Keighley, Kojima plans to bring new Death Stranding footage to the show.

Regardless of its exclusivity status, Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4, and only the PlayStation 4, on November 8th. Preorders for the game’s very pricey collector’s edition are already live online and at various retailers.

[Source: PlayStation AU via ResetEra, VG247]