Preorders Are Live for Death Stranding’s Hardcover Art Book

Just days after Death Stranding launches in November, fans will have the option to purchase yet another collection of Kojima’s latest work. The Art of Death Stranding is slated to release later this year on November 12th. Preorders for the hardcover art book recently went live on Amazon for $39.95.

Titan Books, which previously worked with Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed III’s art book, is publishing The Art of Death Stranding. This 256-page hardcover book will pack in concept art for the game’s locations, characters, equipment, and creatures. In addition, the art book will feature unused concept artwork, some of which was designed by the legendary Yoji Shinkawa, the noted Metal Gear artist who recently lent his talents to Square Enix’s Left Alive.

While the above details seem to be set in stone, the art book currently lacks an official front cover, at least according to the Amazon listing. For now, the preorder post merely features an image of the Death Stranding logo on a black background, notifying potential customers that cover art on display is not yet final.

Plenty of new details concerning Kojima’s latest game have hit the web. Most notably, more gameplay has been shown off, thanks to the title’s presence during gamescom 2019. Its being on display at the Cologne, Germany show also meant concrete information about what the game actually is has also surfaced. Apparently, it all boils down to Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, being on a mission to spread hope across a very broken United Cities of America. Here’s to hoping things become even more clear as the game’s launch approaches.

Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 later in the year on November 8th. Preorders for the title’s special editions, of which there are three, have already gone live, as well.

[Source: Amazon via Wario64 on Twitter]

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