Death Stranding’s Hero Gets a Mission From the President in Gamescom 2019 Footage

An event like gamescom 2019 means plenty of opportunities for new details on games to emerge, especially with titles like the mysteriousDeath Stranding. We saw new information about characters and the BB during gamescom Opening Night Live, but a recent trailer on the show’s floor features more story details that haven’t been released to the general public. Sadly, we don’t have footage of the trailer, but the shocking part is that it involves Death Stranding story details that actually make sense.

The trailer, titled Briefing, involves Sam Bridges, Norman Reedus’ character, being given a major task. Amelie, the new president of the United Cities of America played by Lindsay Wagner, and Die-Hardman in the Oval Office. Although, it’s unclear if this rendition of the Oval Office is “real” or a hologram. Apparently, Die-Hardman and Amelie are trying to convince Sam to help reconnect the disconnected cities of America after a cataclysmic event and continue her work. However, Homo Demons terrorists are opposed to the connection and Sam initially doesn’t agree to the operation. Since the game is about him rebuilding these connections and the trailer doesn’t show him in any of his gear, it seems to happen before major events and him agreeing to join the cause.

When compared to much of what we’ve seen from Death Stranding in the past, this trailer seems to have a clear sense of narrative. The briefing seems to set up what the game will be, at least from a story point of view. Since there’s no public version of Briefing online, we can only go on what was described from people who have seen it at gamescom 2019. Hopefully, the trailer will be published online for the world to see.

Production on Death Stranding is wrapping up, and the game is in its “crunch” phase now., It will come to the PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019.

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[Source: IGN]