Brink’s First DLC ‘Agents of Change’ Gets Free Release

Bethesda has set a date for the first downloadable content of Brink, titled Agents of Change. Brink released in May to a rather mixed reception. The biggest news is that the DLC, which will release on August 3rd, will be free of charge for the first two weeks.

In Agents of Change, a mysterious ship from the outside world has arrived and disrupts the peace agreement reached between the Resistance and Security. In this DLC, a new battle will take place across two brand new districts; An underwater facility and the founder’s tower.

Not only will new districts be available but also new abilities, an increased level cap to 24, new character customizations and weapon attachments will be a part of the download.

You can get a good look at the new levels with the screenshots below and get your copy ready for battle; August 3rd is right around the corner.