Breath of Fire IV Turns Up Summer Heat on PSN

The PSOne Classics library is finally filling up with some of the best RPG hits from the early days of PlayStation – the same RPGs that helped define the console and cement the PlayStation brand as the one to beat. But there’s still plenty more to add thanks to the original PlayStation’s seemingly endless library of hits.

The next huge PSOne Classic RPG to hit the PlayStation Network will be Capcom’s Breath of Fire IV. Breath of Fire IV was one of the last major RPGs to grace the original PlayStation in 2000, just before development shifted toward the PS2.

Speaking on Capcom’s official forums, community manager Christian Svensson said:

I’m told BOF4 (for the US anyway) will launch August 16th on PSN.

This news is sure to make classic RPG fans quite happy, especially our very own Heath Hindman. We’ll keep you posted on any future developments, and look for Breath of Fire IV to be officially added to the PlayStation Store Preview coming soon section when it posts later today.