Japan Prepares to RAGE This October

id Software has laid quietly in the shadows the past few months as their first game in ages, RAGE, nears the end of its development cycle. The title is one of many reasons that the second half of this year is considered among the best in the industry’s history, and now not only Western audiences can anticipate the apocalypse that lays ahead this Fall.

Japan’s localization of RAGE now has an official release date, and that special date is October 6th, which is on the same week that the North American and European versions arrive. In addition, the CERO board has given the game the highest rating it provides: a Z-rating (18+ ONLY). We expect some serious carnage from this one.

RAGE is a first-person shooter that incorporates some strong additional values such as racing and RPG elements. It’ll be the first game to show off the impressive new id Tech 5 engine, which Doom 4 will inevitably utilize to scare us under our blankets. If you’d like to hear more about this title, be sure to check out our E3 Preview write-up.