Sodium 2: Project Velocity Mega Giveaway

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle love giveaways, and so do our friends at Lockwood Publishing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with them for a massive Sodium2 giveaway for both North America and Europe.

We’re giving away a whopping 88 codes, which each contain 4 different items – that’s 352 items being given out. Each code contains:

  • Velocity Racer Green – Sodium2 Racer Paint Scheme
  • Apollo DX Engine
  • Touchstone DX Rocket Booster Pair x320
  • The full male Sodium2 racer outfit or The full female Sodium2 racer outfit

We’re also going to give you a bunch of different ways to win your code, but if you’re a fan of Sodium and Lockwood, make sure to read our extensive interview with Jamie Riding!

For Twitter users, all you have to do is retweet the following tweet, depending on region, and make sure that you are following us so that we can DM you the code:

For US PSN users:

RT @PSLifeStyle @SodiumUniverse Sodium Giveaway (US #PSN) – – retweet and follow to win!

For EU PSN users:

RT @PSLifeStyle @SodiumUniverse Sodium Giveaway (EU #PSN) – – retweet and follow to win!

For Facebook users, all you have to do is head over to our Facebook, like us and reply to our post saying whether you want a US or EU code.

And then, if you’re not a fan of social media sites, we’ll also give away 10 codes to commenters of this post – just make sure to mention your region.

The giveaway will end midnight Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Like giveaways? Come back later tody for a giveaway you wont be able to Resist.


The competition is now over – check your inboxes/facebook/twitter to see if you’ve won!