New Dishonored Images Put a Face on the Stealth Gameplay

Shortly after the arrival of Bethesda’s latest game, Brink, they announced a new title named Dishonored, this time falling under the stealth action adventure genre. Speaking of stealth, the game has been very subtle since its announcement a month ago, and although we’ve seen a single screenshot of its gameplay, there’s been little to go by other than the fact that the game is being developed by Arkane Studios, a recently birthed but extremely hardened team. Well, that was until now, as we have a handful of new images to put a face to this upcoming game.

Half a dozen new images of Dishonored are below to give you a better look into the game that is said to be an “edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride”. See below:

Dishonored will feature dynamic gameplay where you can choose to either set up traps and take out an entire building of enemies, or use sneaky tactics to break through enemy lines and take out your main target. With its lead designer being Harvey Smith, one of the main designers behind the original award-winning Deus Ex, we’re sure to be treated to something special when this game arrives in 2012.