Cross Game Chat #49 – Winners and Losers of July

The regular midnight crew is joined by the venerable, yet particularly tired and cranky Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Severino, to talk about the PlayStation Vita, Twisted Metal and how well David Jaffe handled its delay, Resident Evil 6 and if Capcom should just let the undead franchise die already, along with the best and worst games to release in July. We’re also debuting a new feature where we take questions from live listeners from and answer them on air while recording. Make sure you join in next week. Watch the @PSLifeStyle Twitter and our other social channels to find out when we’re recording and you too, could have your questions answered live during a taping.

Remember, we are still looking for a community member to join the podcast next week. To apply, send in a recording of yourself talking about how the 3DS price drop will effect the Vita to [email protected].

This week’s News topics

  • No Vita in the US or Europe until 2012 Read>>
  • Sony to Probably Announce Vita Release Date at TGS Read>>
  • Analyst Believes Sony Must Lower Vita Price “or Risk a Major Failure” Read>>
  • HBO Go Coming to Consoles Read>>
  • PlayStation Network PLAY Announced Read>>
  • Sucker Punch Joins Sony Read>>
  • Twisted Metal Delayed to 2012 Read>>
  • True Crime: Hong Kong Hitting the Streets Next Year Read>>
  • Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor Read>>
  • Team Bondi Might be “bankrupt” Read>>


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Quite a few games released this month, most notably Call of Juarez: the Cartel. That game is automatically the loser for the rest of the year, so listen in to hear what games we thought were winners. Next week, we will have a community member on to talk about the future of the Playstation Vita. Send in your thoughts to [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. You can also watch the podcast live on Saturday night, right here on the forums. Tune in 9 pacific every other night to watch Josh play through some of your favorite games and chat with other community members.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

Hell Girl

PMC’s Music Pick

Daft Punk

Sev’s Guest Pick