Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor

Ever since the supposed Comic-Con leak, rumors have been circulating the industry regarding Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. One sneaky individual snapped a photo during a supposed behind closed doors panel that indicated a Resident Evil 6 announcement at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Since then, a similar rumor has popped up in the Official PlayStation Magazine.

According to the magazine’s rumor section:

[Resident Evil] Operation Raccoon City will be followed up by another canon entry – Resident Evil 6 – in 2012.

Those who have been following Capcom’s hallmark horror franchise closely, may recall that Masachika Kawata – a developer at Capcom – discussed the future of the Resident Evil series, including the direction they plan to go with the sixth installment. Resident Evil 6 will bring the series “a complete renovation… on every level.”

Let’s just hope they scrap the co-operative gameplay seen in Resident Evil 5 and get back to the tension-filled solo exploration seen in earlier titles.