There’s Danger in Hollywood, Joe Danger Sequel Announced

Joe Danger is making a surprise appearance at gamescom. Following the release of the award winning PlayStation Network title, Hello Games have announced a sequel, with a working title of Joe Danger: The Movie.

Hello Games boss Sean Murray said:

It’s kind of a sequel to Joe Danger, but it’s also something entirely new. I guess I would say that the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN, would be just one short scene in this ‘film’.

We’ve kind of gone a bit crazy in terms of ideas and scope, or at least I really hope we have. If you liked Joe Danger, then I think it’s going to rock your world. Even if you didn’t like it though, this is different enough that we might just win you over. That’s the idea, but like I say who knows, no one but us has seen it yet.

The new game starts with Joe Danger being discovered by a Hollywood Director and becoming a film stuntman.

Picture every film you’ve ever loved as a kid, from Labyrinth to Karate Kid to Robocop, all cut together into some crazy montage, and that’s basically the script for our game.

PSN exclusive Joe Danger broke even on the first day, and was a critical and fan hit, so we can’t wait to find out more about the game at this year’s gamescom.