Journey Trailer Treks Across The Desert

thatgamecompany sure knows how to make an impression. Their games feature breathtaking visuals and music that soothe and relax the player. Their newest title, Journey, has turned quite a few heads, even though little more than the basic premise of the game is known. For those still on the fence about the game, the latest trailer from thatgamecompany may just change your mind.

The trailer shows off the familiar desert landscape from previous trailers with the large white mountain in the distance. Also like previous trailers, viewers get a look at some old, dilapidated ruins that stick out from the sand. The gamescom trailer is unique because it shows a significant aspect of the game. The main character walks up to a beam of light, out of which appears a large figure dressed all in white. The clothing style is very similar to the main character. The trailer also shows a large city close to the base of the mountain with running pink water, and vents in the side of a building that shoot out dust. Find a quiet place and enjoy the Journey trailer below.