Enjoy the Tropics With New Far Cry 3 Screens

Far Cry 3 was announced and shown off at E3 this year. During that time, it was revealed that the game would take place on a series of tropical islands, and that survival aspects, such as weapon degradation and disease, will not be in the game. Since then, fans haven’t heard much from Ubisoft Montreal about the game. Of course, gamescom is the perfect time to release more Far Cry media.

A few screenshots for Far Cry 3 have been released, and they show just how beautiful this game is. It is instantly noticeable how great the lighting looks. Whether it is on the weapons or the environment, the lighting makes the screenshots look real. There is also a lot of detail in the leaves and the grass. The screens show the same faction of enemies that were shown off during E3 – a group of what appears to be rebels, who wear red and fight for an insane man with a mohawk.