Gran Turismo 6 Could Have an Unbearable Development Cycle Like its Predecessor

Gran Turismo 5 took an enormous amount of resources and over five years to develop, and nobody wants to go through that pain again any less than its developer, Polyphony Digital. Unfortunately, its successor may be just as much of a lengthy project.

President of Worldwide Studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, has finally given us insight into when we can expect Gran Turismo 6, as well as how far into development it currently is. As you may have suspected, it’s far off, and Yoshida stated the following in his latest interview:

As far as the Gran Turismo team’s concerned, they are still working on updating the games, so they’re just shifting to the designing and concepting phase of the next project. It’s going to take a few years.

The wait for GT5 was borderline unbearable, so we can only hope that Gran Turismo 6 doesn’t follow suit. However, GT5 has been getting plenty of support, and there is still DLC and some big patches to look forward to. At least this time around we’ll be equipped to endure the wait with a game that seems to get better every month.