Disgaea 3 Return: Vita-lize Your TRPG with Screens

It was recently announced that Nippon Ichi Software’s “million-hour level-up RPG” Disgaea 3 would be a Japanese launch title for the PlayStation Vita. We also then soon found out about the price point, and the fact that it would include all of the downloadable content that came for the PS3 version as well as 20 new characters. We’ve additionally got some screenshots, showing that nothing has been lost in the transition from PS3 to Vita.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice didn’t exactly push the PS3 to its limits, but tactical RPGs do get an unfair rap with people’s graphical expectations. It’ll be interesting to see whether a portable Disgaea 4 comes along.

Kids of the digital age might be interested to know that the PSN version of this game will be 5,000 yen (around $65), about 1,090 off the disc version.

Since the PlayStation Vita is currently slated to arrive in Japanese stores later this year, Disgaea 3 Return is obviously also expected at that time. An exact date for both will probably be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, which begins on September 15th.