Nolan North Unboxes Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition

As we near Uncharted 3‘s November release, anticipation for the game is reaching an all-time high. As such, Sony thought it fit to make the wait that much more unbearable by having the one and only Nolan North (voice of Nathan Drake) unbox the collector’s version of the upcoming game.

As you’ll soon see in the video below, this is one monstrous package. Featuring a travel chest that comes packed with an eight-and-a-half inch Nathan Drake figure may seem a bit over the top, but just wait until you hear what else is inside. In the box’s “fancy velvet drawers,” you’ll find the ring that Nate always wears around his neck, as well as a wearable belt buckle. Most notably however, is a steel edition case for the game, which looks very sleek.

[viddler id=1bbc0620&w=545&h=307]

So, if you consider yourself a hardcore collector – or hoarder of useless trinkets – you’ll want to pre-order this one, as there will be a very limited number of copies available. The package will retail for $99.99.