PS3 Multiplayer Combat Gets Robotic: Gundam EX VS Screens

Recently announced for PS3 port treatment, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS will no longer be exclusive to coin-op game joints. Here are some screens of what PS3-playing Gundam fans can look forward to.

Developer Namco Bandai appropriately classifies the game as “Team Battle Action,” as its highlight feature is absolutely the ferocious multiplayer combat.

The purple suit above is called Messara, and it specializes in blasting foes with projectiles from mid-range and long distances with its intimidating particle cannon. Two screens in this batch also give us a look at the suit spraying a barrage of missiles. The ship has a form that looks like a jet for fast escapes and agile movement, but Massara can also make a very quick change to a form more attuned to ground combat, and drop down for some melee action.

Gundam Extreme VS will be a big deal in Japan, not just because of name power, but because the arcade game is such a huge hit. The prospect of laying down seven or eight thousand yen and having the game forever, any time, will to many people become more appealing than having to stick a 100-yen coin into a machine for every session. The West might not realize it, but this could be an unexpected system seller for Sony. We’ll find out in December.