Bodycount Stacks a Launch Trailer on the Pile

Bodycount just released in North America, and is getting ready to start tallying bullet filled corpses in Europe with a new launch trailer.

The long awaited shooter from Codemasters is almost here (or already here, depending on where you live), and Bodycount‘s creators are eager to show off the frenetic gameplay packed within. Fans of the classic game Black may remember that Stuart Black was working on the project for some time, although he left midway through to pursue other projects, leaving a talented team to finish it off. The trailer displays plenty of lead pumping scenes, with bodies bursting into a bloody pulp and collateral explosions to boot, so check it out.

Bodycount aims to bring players extremely polished gunplay, environments where nearly everything is destructible, and gameplay that’s more focused on fun than being realistic. Players will take control of an American soldier named Jackson, who has been hired by an organization called “The Network” and will fight enemies belonging to another group called “The Target.” Hopefully that’s enough to make it stand out against the heavy competition in the coming weeks, since there are plenty more shooters lined up to come out this Fall. Bodycount just released in North America on August 30th, and is slated to hit shelves in Europe tomorrow, September 2nd.