PAYDAY: The Heist Delayed at the Last Minute

You know how it is, you note down guard shift cycles for 3 months, dig a huge tunnel under the bank and bribe an official for the combination to the main safe – only to have to postpone the entire bank job as your getaway driver gets the flu. Something similar seems to have happened to PAYDAY: The Heist as the game has unfortunately been delayed only a day before release.

Sony Online Entertainment and Overkill Software have announced that PAYDAY will move “to later in October”, to give it extra polish and presumably squash some serious bugs. Pre-orders will still be valid, and the pre-order window will be extended. People who took part in PlayStation Network PLAY will also still receive the game for free.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s update is by no means a weak one without PAYDAY, as PS2 games, Crysis, Chrono, Eufloria and more will all hit the network on Tuesday.