Check Your Vents – Aliens: Colonial Marines Video Slithers In

If you feel like you’ve been waiting forever to play a great Aliens game, you’re not alone, and the latest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines shows how close we are to finally accomplishing that.

Over the years, more than 30 Aliens games have been released since the franchise’s conception, and yet I still struggle to name a single good and memorable one from the bunch. That’s not to say they’re all terrible, but the majority of the games have failed to capture the feeling of terror the movies are so well known for, which makes the following trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines that much sweeter. Gearbox Software has been hard at work for a long time (announced in 2008), and you can tell from Randy Pitchford’s narration during the demo that they’re treating the franchise with respect, and are excited to bring us this new chapter in the Aliens plotline.

If that didn’t get your blood pumping you’re probably already dead. That was the exact demo shown at E3 earlier this year, and if it looked that great, then it should be truly excellent when Aliens: Colonial Marines releases this upcoming Spring. The game will feature squad based play with local 2 player split-screen, an online 4 player cooperative mode, and a yet to be detailed competitive mode, so get some friends together for some alien hunting fun. Are you ready to fend off the impending doom of a xenomorph army?