DICE Thinks People are Ready for Mirror’s Edge 2

People have been clamoring for a sequel to Mirror’s Edge ever since the first game released back in 2008, however DICE and EA have been pretty quiet on the subject up until now. DICE studio producer Patrick Liu believes now is a good time to reveal Mirror’s Edge 2, as there is a strong audience for the game.

When asked by Spong if he thought Mirror’s Edge 2 would do well, Liu responded:

I think it’s something that people are ready to get into again. We see that there’s a huge fan following, it’s almost like a cult! And we know what strengths we had, and what weaknesses we had in that game. If we were to release a new game, we’d know what to improve and how to reach a broader audience. So I definitely think there’s a market there.

EA and DICE have been very Jekyll and Hyde on the subject of Mirror’s Edge 2. In February they said the game was no more and then just two months ago we reported that the dream was still alive. Let us know in the comments how excited you are for a Mirror’s Edge 2 and what changes would you like to see made if the game is indeed made.