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Long Live Play Phase 2 Begins, “Virtual Fame Awaits”

Long Live Play might not have ended up being a big reveal of a new product, but the blow was softened by an absolutely incredible advertising video that touched the heart of many a gamer – and hell, we got PS2 games on PSN anyway. If you were hoping to be the next Michael, and get in on the LLP promotion, Sony is offering another chance to be part of the action.

VP of Everything, Kevin Butler announced on Twitter:

#ProjectLLP Phase 2 begins. Papa KB’s looking for a few good gamers. But you’ll have to do. So share your story. Virtual fame awaits.

And by “share” I mean use the linked e-mail address to talk yourself up good. Let’s not flood twitter with braggery, folks. #ProjectLLP

#ProjectLLP 1: Have you eviscerated the Chimera to earn the Platinum trophy in Resistance 3? Tell KB all about it.

#ProjectLLP 2: Did you laugh in death’s face and pull off a massive (15+) kill streak in the Uncharted 3 beta? Share.

So all you have to do is to email [email protected] and tell them why you are the greatest gamer of all time, and give them a good reason to feature you in what is probably another advert. Will gaming’s greatest characters be shouting out your name? Let us know in the comments below.

To ____!!!