PlayStation Store Preview – October 11th, 2011: Hail to the King of All Fighters

This week we’re getting some of the best SNK titles ever created. Only on PSN continues with Sideway: New York. There’s also a few demos, and the King makes another return with some free DLC.

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Sideway: New York [Full Game and Demo]

Stardrone Demo

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Demo

The Cursed Crusade Demo

Duke Nukem DLC – Hail to the Icons

Metal Slug 2 [PS3/PSP]

The King of Fighters ‘96 [PS3/PSP]

XS Junior League Football [PSOne]


rock-band Rock Band DLC – Blink-182 Pack

  • “The Party Song”
  • “Stay Together For the Kids”
  • “Up All Night”

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