PlayStation Store 10th Anniversary – Do You Remember Back Then?

Just yesterday, we reported that Sony has sent out emails to loyal PlayStation fans as part of its PlayStation Store 10th Anniversary.

With PlayStation LifeStyle staff members also getting the emails, it sparked a conversation of what each staff member was doing at the time. Mind, 2006 is 10 years ago, so some staff members don’t have any riveting, life-changing stories back then. Nonetheless, check out the staff responses below.

anthonybwAnthony Severino (Founder of PlayStation LifeStyle)

I was married on October 8th, 2006. That night, the PlayStation 3 went up for pre-order, so rather than spend the night with my new wife, I slept on the ground in front of a GameStop to be first in line to pre-order a PS3.

My passion for PlayStation is what was the driving force behind starting PSLS.

Many years later, when the PS4 launched, I was invited to New York City, all expenses paid, by Sony, to white-glove hand me a PS4 with my name custom engraved into it.

What a contrast. Whenever I think to myself, “I haven’t done enough, I haven’t accomplished enough” – which is often – I like to think about that contrast. It reminds me that passion opens doors and makes shit happen.

But even with passion, there was an extra ingredient that made PSLS special – the PlayStation community, which our staff is comprised of. Without it, and without all of you, my passion would never have been realized.

On that note, I think a warm thank you is appropriate. Thank you, all.

zarmenaZarmena Khan: October 2006, I was starting college (no gaming, boo). Damn. That can’t be 10 years ago. It was…just…yesterday!

On that note, I dunno what I’d do without PSLS. Kind of weird to think about it now. Been over two years here.


PMCBWPaulmichael Contreras: October 2006, I was in my Senior year of high school! Congratulations indeed, Anthony, you know she’s a keeper if you’re able to camp out on your wedding night!



cameronbwCameron Teague: October 2006.. ummm.. fuck if i remember what I was doing.. I think I was working at Lockheed Martin.



LouisEdwardsBWLouis Edwards: 2006 my oldest kid was 15 and still in high school while my youngest was 9 and in Middle School.

I didn’t get my launch console until the 13th and bought it on eBay for retail, but with Resistance and an extra controller.


chandler_thumbnailChandler Wood: 2006, I had just graduated high school that summer, just turned 18. Was living with my dad right after my parents divorced. I remember finding a lone PS3 at a store on launch weekend (when everywhere was sold out), so I used my dad’s gas credit card to pay for it right then until I could pay him back the next week. I buckled that guy into the passenger seat next to me on the drive home… exciting day, my first console as I transitioned from being a stupid teenager into being a stupid adult! 🙂


Tyler TreeseTyler Treese: In 2006, I was still in Jr. High School, and was hopeful I would

amount to something in my life (you can see how that turned out). I couldn’t afford a

PS3 because I was 14, so I wasn’t even thinking about that at the time.


heath-bwHeath Hindman: Round about the fall of 2006, I was learning that “Visa” isn’t just a credit card and that I needed to fill out a shload of paperwork before I could move to Japan.

I bought a 60-gig phat PS3 because its software was region free and it could play my PS2 and PSOne games. I’ve still got it, but I think it’s finally starting to die. We had some good times.


mackimageMack Ashworth: I’d have been 15, so still in the UK’s version of “high school.” I had an Xbox 360 and would have been busy playing Gears of War and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Hundreds of hours invested in both. Aside from school and gaming, I’d have been playing a lot of basketball.


StephenBittoBWStephen Bitto: 2006, I was a sophomore at Ohio State and spent three days outside of Target waiting for my 60GB PS3. It was a super cold November in Columbus and even snowed one night.


Alex-CoAlex Co: Ah, 2006! I was 25 back then. I think that was the year before I met my wife. And I remember playing a lot of Xbox 360 back then, too. Of course, I jumped ship to PS3 and never looked back. Bought another PS3 when it became slimmer since my first one died. Good times!

Well, there you have it, folks! That was what we remember back in 2006! Did you get the same email from Sony? What do you remember back in 2006? Share ’em in the comments below and let’s reminisce!

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