“We’d Require a Next Generation Console” to do Something Bigger Than Battlefield 3, Says DICE

Rage and Battlefield 3 are what many consider to be some of the best looking console games of this generation, with both titles containing a high-resolution texture install (optional for BF3). DICE producer Patrick Liu believes that these two titles represent the visual pinnacle of what is possible on current generation hardware.

Speaking in regards to graphic fidelity, Liu told Nowgamer:

Both Battlefield 3 and Rage are pushing console hardware as much as developers can now, and I don’t think anyone will make something better with this generation of consoles. If we were to do something bigger – which we can – then we would require a next generation console.

Liu also stated what he would like to see in new hardware:

Always processing power. One bottleneck that we always encounter – both on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – is memory. If we had double the amount of memory, it would be great. We could do so much more. So I think more memory would give us more bang for our buck.

The general consensus is that people seem to have been left unimpressed with the visuals seen in the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3, if feedback from internet message boards is to be taken into consideration. However, DICE has gone on the record stating that the Battlefield 3 beta is an unfinished product, and isn’t an accurate representation of the final game quality.