New Syndicate Videos, Screens Released

EA has released two new trailers and a batch of new screenshots for the Starbreeze-developed game Syndicate, which is a reboot of the originals series that released in 1993.

The first video here below is dubbed “Origins” and gives players a look into the original Syndicate and how it has not evolved in the game that we are seeing now.

The second video is an eleven minute video where EA’s executive producer Jeff Gamon walks us through the “executive search” gameplay mission.

Syndicate is a first person shooter that blends excellent combat with strategic elements, thanks to a chip in your brain that allows you to hack other players and have them perform suicides or fight for you. We sat down with the game at Las Vegas last month and walked away completely impressed with what the team at Starbreeze is doing.

The game is currently set to release in February of 2012, will you be picking it up when it arrives at store shelves?