Batman Skips a Demo, Shows Confidence in Midst of Competitive Release Window

Batman: Arkham Asylum is only days from releasing, and although the game won one of our coveted Best of E3 awards, and is one of several reasons this is one of the most impressive holiday seasons in history for gamers, not everyone is sold. However, its developer has confirmed that there will be no demo for the game, making it a difficult purchase for those who see the many other games, which will have demos, that will be releasing in the following weeks.

Sarah Wellock, Community Manager at Rocksteady Studios, has delivered the shocking news via a forum post which states:

A number of you have been asking about an Batman Arkham City demo so I wanted to get back to you with an update. As you know, we here at Rocksteady have been working like crazy for 2 years to deliver the best Batman experience we possibly can, and get this ready for the October 21st release. Unfortunately this has meant that there has simply not been time for us to create a demo for the game and I have been told there are no plans to release one in the future.

This is an age where demos are available for just about every AAA title that comes out, so surprise would be an understatement. With that said, this has remained one of the most anticipated games throughout the year, and Rocksteady have proven that they have what it takes to get the job done. If you played Arkham Asylum and enjoyed it, this probably won’t be a difficult decision for you. However, if you’re skeptical as to whether or not this game is worthy of joining your very exclusive library of PS3 games, then be sure to look out for our imminent review.