Latest Saints Row: The Third Trailer Parodies Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3

The marketing war that’s going on between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 may be stealing most of the spotlight, but Saints Row: The Third is keen on not being forgotten.

With EA giving BF3 the tagline “Go Above and Beyond the Call”, the industry is no stranger to some trash-talking, but Saints Row has cheekily decided to go a different route – parodies. In their latest trailer, the usual MW3 trailer is copied, as well as having a similar trailer structure. In addition, the 99 Problems song used in BF3 ads is parodied, as is the loud noise that ends all Battlefield videos.

Far less serious than its high-profile counterpart, Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row aims to step out from behind the Rockstar-shaped shadow that has caused the series to often be seen as a lower budget copycat, with The Third one of the first games set to release after THQ’s re-commitment to quality.

In one of the most packed holiday seasons ever, The Third can’t risk pulling any punches if THQ want to ensure that people pick up the open-world action-adventure when it releases on November 15th in the US and 18th in Europe, so expect more risque trailers as the title’s launch nears.