First Battlefield 3 Patch is Live; Combats Dozens of Reported Issues

The Battlefield 3 beta earlier in the month was notably wrought with issues which affected gameplay in a series of ways, with some even crippling the experience. After some controversy, a major patch was announced to be made available in time for launch. DICE has released it just in time for the upcoming war between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

Battlefield 3‘s first patch, numbered v1.01, has been published by DICE and will be immediately available for those who get the game on launch day. It clocks in at a hefty 222 megabytes, and includes fixes for bugs and glitches which were reported by players across all three platforms during the beta.

DICE has asked reviewers of the title to refrain from posting reviews until after v1.01 has been made live, indicating some serious game-impacting issues. Since the game is releasing on Tuesday, it looks like it was released just in the knick of time.