Navigate Psychedelic Bullet Swarms in PixelJunk SideScroller

The latest game from the PixelJunk series is setting us up for a neon colored, incredibly hectic side scrolling shooter that blends classic gameplay with a new age style all of its own.

Q-Games holds a special place on the PlayStation Network, as a great developer that continuously brings quality games to the platform. They have a particular trend of bringing classic style games into the new age by adding fresh game mechanics and bright color palettes, and the new PixelJunk SideScroller is no different, bringing sidescrolling shoot’em up action to the new age with an eye-bleeding neon wire frame style. With upgradeable weapons, monstrous bosses, fluids returning from PixelJunk Shooter, and difficulty curving from casual to brutal, the upcoming game is sure to entertain and challenge players everywhere. Gearing up for their imminent release Q-Games has released a launch trailer to show us the trials and tribulations in store for us in Shooter.

If that didn’t look a little mind boggling to you, just wait until you play it. I had the distinct privilege of trying it out for myself earlier this year, and needless to say I died often, but had lots of fun doing so, which oddly reminded me of Demon’s Souls. If you’ve unlocked the secret level at the end of PixelJunk Shooter, you’ve even had a small taste of it for yourself.  Q-Games always has a distinctive level of quality within their games, and I don’t expect PixelJunk SideScroller to disappoint fans when it releases tomorrow, October 25th, in North America, and October 26th in Europe, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

Will you be shooting ’em up when SideScroller hits the network?