Strange Bugs During Testing Sparked Great Ideas for inFamous 2

Over the course of history, some of the greatest ideas have been imagined at the most unpredictable moments. The same applies to inFamous 2, where a couple of simple programming mistakes led to evolutions that made the game a home-run success.

During a discussion with Kotaku, Ken Schramm from Sucker Punch shared that two of inFamous 2‘s most popular powers came from glitches encountered during internal testing. Both the Car Lift power, which allows Cole MacGrath to lift cars and throw them at enemies (or civilians if you’re mean), and the Tether power, which gives Cole the ability to quickly zip-line himself to an object were, put simply, the result of mistakes in game code.

inFamous 2‘s first major DLC launched yesterday under the name Festival of Blood. With Halloween just a few days away, now is a great time to revisit one of this year’s best action-adventure titles and experience a few scares in the process.