Sucker Punch’s InFamous Almost Wasn’t ‘InFamous’

The first InFamous entry recently celebrated 10 years on the market. To mark the occasion, developer Sucker Punch let loose a number of fascinating tidbits about the title’s early stages of development. Character customization, telekinesis, motorcycle parkour, and more were all originally a part of the package. The series even almost had a different name!

Sucker Punch shared this information in a Twitter thread, highlighting a total of ten notable details not previously known to the public. For one, the game’s “original working title” was True Hero. Interestingly, InFamous once had a Superman-inspired component, whereby players could use phone booths to change out of their civilian clothing and into the protagonist’s superhero attire. Why this brilliant idea landed on the cutting room floor is anyone’s guess. However, it may have something to do with phone booths being obsolete.

For a look at the other tidbits concerning the first InFamous‘ development, be sure to check out Sucker Punch’s Twitter thread, which begins with the tweet linked below:

After the success of InFamous, Sucker Punch went on to develop two more sequels, InFamous 2 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4’s InFamous: Second Son. Whether or not the developer has plans to produce a fourth installment remains to be seen. This hasn’t stopped fans from dreaming of the possibilities, though.

The premise of Sucker Punch’s next title, Ghost of Tsushima, is in stark contrast to the superhero-filled fun of the InFamous franchise. Currently, the studio has yet to delve too deeply into what players should expect from the new project, which also lacks a solid release date.

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